Zion Outpost

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Final image taken of Zion Outpost, right after it's completion and right before its grief.


Zion Outpost was the upcoming outpost for the Spawn Occupation. On 19th of March, the user Pyromaniac founded the group Spawn Occupation. This group quickly gained attraction.

As every other Spawn Occupation, the group needed an outpost. The design phase started, and multiple people assisted in the designing. After a couple of days, the design was finalized and the group could start the actual construction of the base.


The location of the outpost was chosen to be -1500 -1500, located in an snow biome. This proved to be a nuisance for the build team, as the snow would cover all the blocks of Zion. However, due to the fast work of the group, the outpost was finished in less than 2 days. Thanks to the build team, over 55K obsidian was able to be placed in such a short span of time.

The builders were:


With help from Nintendo_Super and others.

Final Product[edit]

The final product majestically stood in the freezing region of spawn. Located at the co-ordinates -1500 -1500, the Outpost would've been used as an location for members to restock on items and as a place to calm down and collect yourself before heading back into spawn to continue with the groups jointed mission.

The outpost was made up out of 4 corner pillars holding the roof, a dome situated on top of said roof, the main beacon tower in the middle of the outpost, 4 horizontal hallways in every direction leading out of the main tower, 4 diagonal hallways leading out of the main tower, and a grand entrance with a dragon skull on top of it.

The End.[edit]

Unfortunately the outpost came to an end. A temporary group dedicated to the destruction of the base, known as "The Boys." They griefed this outpost March 23. The grief lasted about 30 minutes starting around 4pm. Members that griefed it: