The Valley of Wheat

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Existed - February 24 2020 - March 13 2020
Status - Disbanded
Numbers - 19 (Members)
Bases - 2

The Valley of Wheat (VoW) was a SalC1 Anarchy Server group. The mission of the VoW was to faithfully recreate the vision of the original 2b2t Valley of Wheat, made by the legendary 2b player jaang, into the SalC1 Anarchy Server as a safe haven/sanctuary for new anarchy players to visit, as one of the server's main public monuments, before their long journey into the server. Located along a major diagonal highway, the VoW was intended as a non-partisan territory, officially unaffiliated with any other group.

The VoW Founder, itspigeons, created the Valley of Wheat on February 24 2020. The first valley, located at 1684, -135, was created the same day the valley was founded. It first started with a bit of wheat near a pond, and started to expand. Since the valley was located in between 2 mountains, the only direction to expand. It started to expand eastward, and the previous member, (I forgot his name, but he isn't associated with the valley anymore ~ j2020) started planting trees in the wheat, creating the idea of decorating the valley with trees. Around noon of February 24th, Fobba raided the valley, got rid of most of the double chests there, and left, feeling accomplished. Pigeons, decided to move away, and started the second valley.

The second valley started shortly after, (I don't know the exact date, as I joined the second valley on the 29th ~ j2020) at the coordinates 55100, 55200. Around the time that I, [j2020, joined, there had been several people in the valley, such as SaldoniaIsGay, Vonsek, and some other people. A valley banner was created, several member bunks were made, and a storage room was made shortly after. Nothing really special happened, until amrit1 started becoming violent with the other members. He ended up leaving and didn't cause any harm to any members. He decided to establish a dupe stash near the valley and work on expanding the valley resumed shortly after. Until HitmeMuffins, a member of the valley, started to lavacast, wither, and raid the member bunks in the valley. The bunks were blown up and a couple withers were spawned. I, J2020, upon hearing the news, started to grief the valley in rounds so that no one else could have the benefit of griefing it themselves.

The third valley is still getting prepared by pigeons.

                                                                    ~ j2020, One of The OG Valley Members

VoW Members[edit]

itspigeons (Founder)
QuickOpinion (Leader)
jpie726 (Bot726)
brickzebra (Tertann)