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February/22/2020 - Present

Status - Active

Members - 23

Bases - 3

Soteria is a group on the SalC1 anarchy server made by CyberMemes on February 22nd 2020. CyberMemes used to love watching FitMC videos on 2b2t but couldn't stand the queue so when the Salc1 server was made Cyber and XRG_Gaming both joined together and began the clan. CyberMemes and many of his friends such as XRG_Gaming, MyNamesHayden, Temantor, FlytoNorway, and KINGzly; started to make their first base on Feburary 23rd 2020.

They then started to invite people from outside of their friend group, expanding their power and reputation throughout the server. After their first week they reached ten official members. Due to this influx of new players the group decided that they would make two bases. One for the recruitment of new players, and the other for the members of the Group that were trusted. To join the Group must be interviewed by their committee. If they approve you they will let you go to their recruitment base, there you will gather resources for the main base and improve the recruitment base. If they approve of your work/dedication you will be promoted to citizen and invited to the main group. Although the group is currently closed, there will be spawn projects in the future for anyone to get involved in.


1) President

2) Secretary of Security

3) Secretary of Projects

4) Outpost Developer

5) Ambassador

6) Senator

7) Outpost Senator

8) Trusted Citizen

9) Citizen

10) Recruit


Speedwagon Foundation


Saldonia / Cydonia