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Imperial's Symbol.png

Existed - February 2020 - Present

Status - Active

Members - 40 - 50 (Official Members)

Bases - 8

The Imperials is a group that are in most of the Anarchy Servers in Minecraft, including the SalC1 Anarchy Server. It was founded by Notaufred on the 22nd of February, 2020. As of the 10th of March 2020, their main goal is just to have fun and build bases, recruit Newfags, and destroy Cydonia. The group started when a 2016 2b2t player, (Notaufred), who had a high rank in the Imperials, and his friend Brickzebra; started the Imperial branch on the Server, making a Discord Public Server and started to spam it in the Server Chat.

In the first days, the group started to grow very fast. Thanks to the spam they got 40 members in only around 3 days and started to get as strong as Cydonia; causing the group to have 160 members in total. They then started to make a lot of bases, 8 in total with 2 being griefed as of the 10th of March 2020. Both bases were recruit bases, on being Bricktown, the other being Kartagina.


1) Emperor

2) High General

3) High Centurion

4) Centurion

5) Senator

6) Optio

7) Legate

8) Tribune

9) Preafect

10) Quaestor

11) Auxiliarry

12) Recruit

The Cydonia War[edit]

One thing all Imperials on the server have in common is their hate for Cydonia. Imperials are at war with Cydonians, and are allied with most other groups that also hate Cydonia. We can expect conflict between the groups to keep rising as the war goes on. Imperials recently started to spam the chat with promotial messages for Imperials and negative messages towards Cydonia.


Allies All these allies are from the group UNOS which was created to defeat Cydonia Invictus

Flower Squadron

The Coalition

NewFag Rising

The Trading House

East Star


Neutral The Imperials are currently neutral with every other group on the server

Enemies Saldonia / Cydonia -They became enemies after the group sent thousands of flowers to Imperial members, but then one of them got killed, so they started having bad relations with eachother and soon enough the Flower Squadron joined the UNOS.