Flower Squadron

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Existed - February 2020 - Present

Status - Active

Numbers 20 - 30 (Members)

Bases - 2

Discord: https://discord.gg/AxvPE5Q

The Flower Squadron is a SalC1 Anarchy Server Group, founded by 17XL in the 8th February of 2020. This group is one of the smaller groups in the server, pvp is very important to the members as they are known to raid and bedbomb other players usually at the spawn. The group started when 17XL had the idea of making a group in the server along with a group of friends consisted of Coindruid, The_Gleckster, Zearo and Phr33z. The group's name was 17XL's idea right after he gave flowers to saldonia and other players that were at the nether spawn.

The group started to grow quite fast, due to the only thing that it was required to become an actual member, which was joining the group's Discord. So in the first day, the Public Discord got 15 members, and currently has more than 80 members. It has 2 bases both quite far from spawn but 1 of the bases were quickly griefed by 2020j, which affected the relationship between Flower Squadron and 2020j.

17XL and Infinite_Rage on the 7th of march while they were digging like true diggers, had this great idea to expand the -x highway with the goal to reach the world border.


These are the ranks of the people that are in the Official Discord of the group.

1) Commander

2) Veteran

3) Combat General

4) Colonel

5) Lieulenant

6) Sergeant

7) Corporal

8) Soldier

9) Kamikaze

10) Fit Fan

11) Ally

12) Big Hater of Unco Chad


As mentioned above, this group have had fights with multiple players, winning in all of them. Some of the more notable ones were the fight between 2020j and 17XL, after grief of their 1st main base which resulted in the defeat of 2020j. The other is between PvPMaster and 17XL once again, which resulted in the defeat of PvPMaster

Video of the fight between 17XL and 2020j: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgUiintpK60

Video of the fight between 17XL and PvpMaster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xft-5rAihC4



After the group joined UNOS they became allies with all of the groups mentioned below. They all have a common goal, to destroy the group known as Cydonia.



The Coalition

NewFag Rising

The Tradding House

The Gods of Liberty

East Star



Saldonia / Cydonia -They become enemies after the group sent thousands of flowers to their members, but then one of their members got killed. That resulted in the bad relations between Flower Squadron and Cydonia. Soon after that Flower Squadron joined UNOS.