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Existed - February 27th 2020 - Present

The Official Symbol of the Group.

Status - Active

Numbers - 20 (Members)

Bases - multiple

The group known as East Star, is a SalC1 Anarchy Server group, created on the 27. February 2020; by the players matcha98 and C47. The group started with the objetive of destroying Cydonia with people in the early days, but then they started to make bases with members and having fun with them and giving gapples to the newfags at spawn, making their new actions more important than destroying Cydonia. Also, to be in the group, you must be trusted or be friend of the leaders.

The group was originally founded by the players C47 and Matcha98. When the group started out, they only had around 3 members. But then they started to grow in a slow and steady pace and in a matter of weeks, they reached 11 members, and at the same time, they joined the now disbanded UNOS and started to have relations with other groups.

The Cydonia Conflict[edit]

When the group started, their only objetive was to destroy Cydonia (And they are still running with that idea, but it's not as important as it was before), then they started to have ideas. First, they knew that Cydonia was using the highways for killing hundreds of players at spawn, so they used witheres at 0x 0z with thousands of withers, making it impossible to travel there, making it way more difficult for Cydonia to move in the nether and killing players. In total under the conflict, more than 1000 Withers was spawned by the East Star group in the Spawn region and the 0x 0z Nether hub. Also, one day East Star group spawned more than 180 withers on the Cydonia Outpost for no other reason that it was Cydonia infested.

East Star[edit]

East Star has the single goal of having fun and exploiting the server. East Star has also been seen on multiple occasions engaging in PvP battle with Cydonian players and those alike. East Star also feeds new players and gives them god apples whenever possible and builds Nether Portals around spawn for easier travel for newfags.


The relations of East Star are good with all the Members that are in the UNOS. East star has a non toleration policy against Cydonia, meaning they'll kill anyone that is/has been affiliated with Cydonia on sight. They've also been seen on multiple occasions griefing anything that is Cydonian infested.

East Star Members[edit]

C47 (Leader)
matcha98 (Leader)