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Existed - March 4, 2020 - Present

Status - Active

Numbers - 20 (Members)

Bases - 3

Communism is a group created by players upkaz and Darkll_. It is mainly known for upkaz's and Jaanb's (Kaz's Alt) spam in the server's chat. The messages contain phrases such as "Join and Ill suck your dlck no homo tho" with links to their group discord. The group is known for being anti-Cydonia, posting messages such as "FUCK CYDONIA JOIN COMMUNISM"


The Communist group was owner of the shop "The Secret Service," which has since been shut down.

Communism is also a part of The Commission, which makes it an ally with all the 6 families in The Commission:


Speedwagon Foundation

East Star

Flower Squadron

and Imperials.

Communism's only enemy is Hybrid for the griefing of two of Communism's bases